About me & Contact

"Your photography is quiet poetry"  someone once commented on Instagram. In the past few years I could never really define who I was as a photographer or how to describe my photography. The main reason for that was my chaotic mind. Now I do know. It's exactly that. My photography is quiet poetry. I'm continuously looking for stillness through my photography.

My name is Marieke Gras (1983),  living and working in Amsterdam. I studied Fashion & Branding at The Amsterdam Fashion Institute (2008) and  I graduated from The Nederlandse Fotovakshool with a degree in Photographic Design (2013). I am a passionate visual explorer and communicator, focusing mainly on portrait, travel and documentary photography. I collect and create stories about people, places, and things I relate to, merged with trending phenomena. Historical context and current affairs are what fascinate me. To me, photography is connecting with people and society.

Traveling since April' 17. Mostly living in India.