This is Oma. Oma is the Dutch word for grandmother. I took these photo's one afternoon in February 2017 when visiting her at home in Haren. I don't see her often ever since I moved to Amsterdam in 2005. I traveled to Groningen to get a few things in order for my upcoming travel plans and my Dad took me to Oma for some coffee. I had my camera with me and took a few photo's of her and of her home. Later that day my mom said something like 'maybe this is the the last time you saw Oma'. Considering the fact that I am planning to go travel indefinitely and Oma is not getting any younger that stuck with me. It made me look at these images differently, it made me think about the concept of time, change, mortality. Oma has certainly changed in the last few years. Her appearance for sure but also her home, from what I remember she was always really organized and tidy. It's these little details, like the messy sink with a watering can and the alarm clock. The dead leaf from a plant on the bed. And the growing resemblance with her own mother, looking at the big photo on the night stand. But hey, I'm not going to worry, my great grandma reached the age of 93 and Oma is only 88. I'll see her when I get back.
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