This is Narayani. The type of Sound Therapy she gives is unlike any other. This is how she describes what it is that she does exactly: “With focus on the Astro-Medical relation within the physical being, Planetary Sound Therapy works to produce positive health effects and diagnostics by understanding the relation of the planets to our overall health. Each Tibetan Singing Bowl that has been selected, embodies the exact frequency of particular planets and orbits within our galaxy. By connecting to these frequencies, we are able to heal our bodies not just at an earthly level, but at a galactic level. At this ‘galactic level’ we can begin to understand the unseen life energy of a person, more specifically the Aura. The Aura is that which connects a being to what is above and below, therefore, by working to harmonize the Aura, we are actually harmonizing the existence of everything, otherwise known as ‘healing.’ More specifically this type of therapy helps not only to alleviate tensions or stress, but to actually bring sensitivity back into the physical body. It is so often that we are desensitized to the frequencies of a higher consciousness simply because of life’s day to day activities. However when we connect at a universal level and realign our frequencies, we can bring about the harmonization of our Highest Self and maintain the Highest vibration, allowing the synchronicity of life to unfold.”
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